Madame du Châtelet Productions presents a literary salon on the frontier of “plaisir”


250px-Emilie_Chatelet_portrait_by_LatourI am thrilled to announce the launch of Mme du Châtelet Productions, a new literary salon in Paris featuring women writers exploring the pleasures of text in the spirit of Emile du Châtelet, the eighteenth century mathematician and enlightened coquette.  Emilie  outwitted her lover Voltaire in science and math experiments, gambled men under the table through, “prodigious feats with numbers in her head,” translated Newton into French while pregnant and created the fashion of rouging nipples for the plunging necklines she favored.

Of happiness, she wrote: “We must try to invite pleasure in through all the doors to our soul: we have no other business but this.”

Our mission is to celebrate how the word becomes flesh and turns us on — au féminin – by encouraging contradiction, unlikely pairings, the outrageous, the erotic, the poetic, the sensual, the quiet and the loud, as well as the engagement of our bodies and imaginations as we push the boundaries on polite literary intercourse to create a space where something new, wild and woman-designed can be born.

Come join us on January 31st at 7pm with writers Shannon Cain, Christina Mirjol and Anne Marsella!  RSVP



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