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Bringing together artists, musicians and writers I like makes me particularly happy. I’ve had the idea for quite some time to start a salon and finally got around to organizing it in March, at Martha’s Place. My sincerest thanks go to Michael McCarthy whose help on the gallery side was invaluable, and to Gerald Fleming who picked up on my suggestion and encouraged me to take the leap. Gratitude too, to the Belleville Choir (Cecile Farkas, Brent Keever, Agnes Brice, Susie Kalich, Harriet Lye and Pierre Grammont) who lifted their voices for the fourth time for a cross-gender variation on The Baby of Belleville.

flyer_lecture_mars2013Here’s the program:March 22 – Literary Salon at Martha’s Place with writers Stephen Dau, Gerald Fleming, Jeffrey Greene, Harriet Lye, Rosa Rankin-Gee and myself with the choir.
A gorgeous evening of readings with a huge turnout, lots of nice wine, a gigantic brie de Meaux and other good chitlins. I used this occasion to launch my campaign for popehood and handed out little pochettes picturing me as Popessa (drawing by my son – he believes in his mother like no other), each with a prophylactic inside. “More fun at the Vatican with Popessa Anna Francesca I” was the slogan. It’s time, Friends, no?
March 23 – Art Gallery opening featuring the works of two Paris-based American artists: photographer Michael McCarthy and painter Jonathan Shimony. A stunning show with an equally receptive group of viewers most of whom stayed the whole evening and enjoyed the improvisational jazz concert with musicians Paul Wacrenier (piano), Sylvain Cathala (saxophone) and Thierry Mariétan (double bass). Quel success!

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Next event: Jazz concert Sunday, May 5th at Martha’s Place Details to follow shortly!

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