Neighborhood Art in Troubled Times

It is not for nothing the attacks of Friday, November 13th, took place in the neighborhoods around République where Parisians gather to demonstrate whenever they feel their civil liberties are at stake.  The headquarters of France’s left leaning newspapers, Charlie Hebdo, victim of an earlier attack, and Libération, lie not far from this recently remodeled square which stands as symbol of France’s republican values not in the least of which is secularism.

Rather than delve into this hotbed of a topic (if you’re interested in reading my response to the events I invite you to visit my Ecole des Femmes newsletter:  I’m posting a brief photo journal of my neighborhood in tribute to the spirit of the artists here.








What would Vermeer say?








From the bathroom of the Pavillon des Canaux








I don’t know why… I just like this lady and her tree stump friends.





There’s nothing like a power nap in a hat








Our Lady of Fitness





I believe these photos are supposed to resemble famous paintings…





It’s hard to see but there’s a sign on this building down my street that points out Marie Curie used to live here.  This is not art but gives me a certain frisson every time I see it.








Lastly, a paper I saw on the bulletin board of the Pavillon des Canaux — it reads: “Hello, the lips of Romain are searching for a feminine neck on which to depose kisses”   He leaves both an email and telephone number.   Do feel free to call is such is your pleasure.


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