Back on line!

Friends!   After several months of intense reconstructive surgery, my website is now back on-line thanks to exceptional webmasters Ernesto Buttafoco and Annabelle Adie.   Please have a look and let me know what you think.   We’re still working out a few things; you’ve probably noticed there’s a glitch with Feedburner which is why you received a couple of posts listing reviews of my books.  I’m sorry about that; it’s a mistake (not random self-promotion!) we will be clearing up.  If you get more of these, just delete.

In particular I’d like to express my gratitude to Miracle Man Photographer/Filmmaker François Goizé, not only for putting me in contact with Ernesto and Annabelle but also (here’s the miracle part) for taking the author photos you’ll find on the Author and Contact pages.  I encourage you to have a look at François’ website (also an Ernesto-Annabelle production)P1020044 :

He has been putting some amazing photos from his archives on his blog of late so definitely dip into it!

More to follow shortly.   All comments most welcome!

A très vite !

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