Pascal Tidings

Pascal greetings from my tiny garden in Paris.  Every Easter it rains here and tomorrow promises the same.  The plants need water so I’m not complaining.  Disappointing daffodils  this year; they absurdly popped up in late January, then were zapped by the February freeze, so that all I have now are the stems — no blooms in 2012.  But the coeur de marie (Bleeding hearts in English?) are dangling their little pink earrings on the branches and the tulips are pert and moiré rose.  I’ve planted a climber called calystegia flore pleno.

The catalog describes it has having a “sumptuous flowering”, but it looks frail to me and not as vigorous as advertised.

Does anyone out there have experience with Miss Calystegia?  Waiting for Ghislaine de Féligonde to bloom; that’ll probably happen in May.  Zéphirine Drouhin and Madame Alfred Carrière have sadly passed away, due to a fungus.  Rosemary nearly joined them but showed signs of revival today.  Hops growing up the trellis thirstily.  Forget-me-nots planted, primroses prettier than last year.  What else?  An invasion of Jewelweed (wild impatiens) throughout.  Have pulled out hundreds and still hundreds remain.  I’ve decided to leave them to tease the bees.  They are very pretty and perennials.  I’m not too fussy.

Of gardening Emily Dickinson writes ” I never sowed a seed unless it was a perennial – and that is why my garden lasts”
I think that’s the key.
Happy Passover and Easter to all!

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