Anne Marsella is the author of three novels Remedy, The Baby of Belleville (Portobello Books) and Patsy Boone (Editions de la Différence, a book written in French), all of which are set in Paris and explore the contours of a woman’s psychic landscape and its shifting emotional climate — from singledom to motherhood.  Her story collection, The Lost and Found and Other Stories received New York University’s Elmer Holmes Bobst Award judged by author Amy Hempel.   She has benefited from a number of international fellowships.
A long-time Paris resident, she studied under French feminist Hélène Cixous in France’s only women’s studies department at Université de Paris VIII.   Currently she curates a literary salon celebrating the feminine erotic in the spirit of Madame du Châtelet, an 18th century mathematician famous for translating Newton and for her lust-inspiring necklines that drove Voltaire mad.  Julia Kristeva was her guest in March 2015 ( and Dame Marina Warner shared her work February, 2017.  She is working on a novel.

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